Located at the heart of Beau Vallon, you are perfectly positioned to make the most of this wonderful location. Only a 2 minute walk will lead you to one of the most renowned beaches in the Seychelles. Roam along the beach side and discover a variety of water sports on offer or stop by one of the coastal resorts for a cocktail. There is plenty to do and each corner of Beau Vallon offers its unique scenery.


Snorkeling is usually one of the highlights of visiting the Seychelles with each bay offering an underwater world to discover. Come equipped with your snorkelling gear and let us guide you on the best spots to go out snorkelling.



There are numerous dive sites in Seychelles and around Mahé, and due to the unique rock formations the natural wildlife is abundant, in and out of the water. It is possible to dive year round which makes Seychelles an ideal destination for divers. The average water temperature ranges from 25° to 30° year round. There are numerous diving packages available and we are able to do all the necessary arrangements for you from a single dive right through to your Advanced Diving Certificate.  A Dive Center is located only minutes walk from Villa Roscia for your convenience.


Bazar Labrin is probably the most famous local bazaar offering residents and tourists alike a taste of the Seychelles. Open every Wednesday from 4:30 – 9 pm, the promenade boasts a variety of local food stalls offering dishes such as octopus curry, banana chips, local marmalades and freshly made juices. It’s definitely the place to be on a Wednesday afternoon –  get your dinner & take a seat on the beach to watch the sun go down. You might even see us down there as it has become one of our favourite things to do!


Beau Vallon is the hub of water sports –  there are several aquatic companies along the bay that offer parachuting, banana-boat rides and donut rides. If you are in search for excitement on the water, then just stroll down from Villa Roscia and enjoy!


The Seychelles offers some of the richest fishing grounds year round. For the devoted fisherman or novice alike, Seychelles is ideal to experience some great fishing.  In just a short ride from the Northern coast, you can find bonito, red snapper, trevally and much more.


Mahé has some of the most amazing peaks and numerous trails scattered along the island. Depending on your ability and preference we can make recommendations based on your needs. There are many to choose from such as Anse Majore, Copolia Trail, Mare aux Cochons, Bonne Espoir & Morne Blanc. The trails are relatively easy to do on your own, however if you would like the assured comfort of a knowledgeable guide, we can organize this for you.


Mahe is the largest island in the Seychelles and therefore has a variety of sites to see, whether they be coastal or in the mountain peaks. We highly recommend renting a car and discovering the beauty of Mahe:-  there is so much to see from the View Point at Mission Lodge, Victoria, the smallest capital in the world or the outstanding beaches of the South.

Book your car from just €50 a day.